Friday, February 11, 2011

Gentoo Users, QT pt 2

QT 4.6 is officially out for Gentoo's portage. It needs to be unmasked, mind you. But I've now installed it and it looks damned great.

I reinstalled Gentoo over the past week, upgrading to an ext4 filesystem along with all my applications. There is a noticable speed difference with the filesystem upgrade alone, but 4.6 also is improved.

The K3B issue I was having in the last post was solved. Until it gets a newer QT port, I probably won't install it. Plus I installed Gentoo without HAL support, so I may not even be able to use my cd/dvdrom until later. I previously mentioned the drive was having issues. At some point, it got fixed, probably through an update.

While doing this re-install, I had some trouble with my Radeon X1400 mobility card.

I couldn't use desktop effects as they were full of artifacts and my screen was off-kilter. Long story short, I installed xorg-server as opposed to xorg-x11. This installs more of xorg (fonts, etc.) that not everybody needs. I also modified my custom kernel to use pci video card support as a module, which was probably the culprit. After using this new kernel and enabling desktop effects, things run faster than they did previously on my old install.

All in all, quite impressive and great job to KDE and Gentoo teams.

On a slightly related note, it's quite upsetting to see Microsoft executives infiltrate Nokia, bring down their stock, add their retarded phone OS to the mix (which barely anybody wants), possibly comprimising QT and its development (which is probably what they want anyhow) and looking the fool.

The sooner M$ is buried under their incompetance, the better. It's a shame that they act the bully because they cannot compete in the marketplace.

They already drain resources from samsung and lg off their android phones under false pretences of patent infringement.

Quite foolish, and most disappointing, coming from an IT giant. Then again, Canada's ISP giants are also looking like the retards they are. Usage based billing my ass.

They shant get away with it.

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