Monday, April 13, 2009

Status Update 001

College exams are coming up, meaning we haven't had nearly enough time to work on the projects we want to. Don't expect any amazing updates for a couple months, although there is some news of interest.

I am currently working to advocate using a Gnu/Linux Operating System in my college, and am offering to produce a college-specific distribution for their use. Just what we need, another large project... But honestly, I'm really hoping that this will come to fruition. I'm only speaking for myself (the blogger) that I now find using Windows to be more of a chore than a Linux system. The freedom is worth the work.
I am involved in talks with the program coordinator who will be presenting a business case I developed to the cause of using Gnu/Linux as an optional OS for certain technology courses. Even if the idea falls through, it will expose people to another option. Anyway, I don't know when the case will be presented, but we will keep you updated.

Another mention goes towards our 'other' pet project. It's going to be a series of Java libraries under its own name for specific development of a seriously under-appreciated area of Java.
Currently the basic plans and backend have/are being designed. Plugins for a database as well as normal textfile saving are in the works. Firebird is the database being looked at right now, since MySQL may be going down the tubes with Sun's brilliant leadership. I'd prefer to go with a free-to-distribute multi-platform database (hence firebird) as these libraries are going to be multi-platform.
The libraries will be the backend themselves, but a front-end development suite is planned out to be released with the libraries. We're still debating releasing the front-end IDE as open-source or closed-source, but chances are it will be open-source once the licensing is figured out. Expect a GPL 2.0 with a couple additional requirements pertaining to its redistribution and authorship.

That's it for now. We'll keep hacking at this project, so stay tuned.

NuclearPeon and Co.