Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still Alive

Finished graduating my course as of this December.

During the time I've been at school, I've also been working full time, so that leaves very little left over to work on my projects. Even less since I moved in October.

Not to worry, once I get paid I will be purchasing a domain to use strictly for gaming/programming projects, whereas this blog will probably include fixes for certain issues I face, cool ideas and things that peak my interest, as well as more anti-M$ rants... most likely. I may also get a little more political in my blog.

That last paragraph implies that I will be working more on projects, which I intend to.

I may be using sourceforge to host projects, Also, they will probably fall under the GPL 3 license.

There's a lot of cool ideas I'm holding in for now. In the meantime, I must rest.

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