Tuesday, November 3, 2009

[PDFLaTeX] finished with exit code 70

I recently got an error compiling a pdf in the LaTeX editor, Kile.

As per the title, it mentioned an exit code of 70. What happened with this error is that I attempted to compile my document and the console mentioned that there were: 0 errors, x warnings and y badboxes, etc. However, upon trying to view the document a 'no pdf found'-like message appeared. Odd... I had just added 25 pdfs as graphics into the document, so perhaps I had overloaded it?

Actually, the reason for this errors is because one pdf file I had imported was misspelled, so it couldn't add it and spat out the exit code 70. The strange thing was that it erased my pdf output and only after scrolling up in my console was the error message visible. Until I had scrolled up, there was no indication an error had occurred aside from not being able to view the pdf.

If anyone gets this error, check your spelling first!


MarieCurie said...

Thanks! That was a useful post

Tillmann said...

very useful indeed

eilaf said...

Thank you very much,
my problem is solved when read your comment :)

Brian Mikołajczyk said...

Thank you :D

Skidder said...

Thanks for posting this, solved my problem. I was referencing a page in the pdf file which did not exist - same error 70.

sanderd said...

Thanks, in my case, the pdf file I imported was corrupt (I created it with R but forgot to write the closing of the file with the dev.off method).

So the file was there, but importing gave an exit code 70.

Thankx for sharing this, otherwise I wouldn't have seen it that easy.

tf84 said...

i have the same error, but I checked the file and it's there and just fine. There was no error before this and the pdf file showed the graphics. I don't get it =(

tf84 said...

Finally I changed the file name and the error was fixed.
I hope this could help anybody.

Thanks for you useful post =)

Anonymous said...

Just in case, in my case of the exit code 70 I realized, I had no space left on my harddrive. After I made up some space the document compiled just fine.

Alice said...

I also head "exit code 70" with complete running of PDFLatex and no PDF-file in the end. But for me the problem was t1-fontenc-package and I could solve it by commenting out the line
(ubuntu 12.04)

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